CP316: Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing

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Development Environment

Target Hardware

QwikFlash Development Board based on a PIC18F452 Microcontroller

Reference Material

qwikflash board
[click image to increase size]

Course Material

Week of ... Lab/Lecture Reference Material
[ white background indicates required reading;
gray background indicates optional reading]

Jan. 1  


In the notes, section numbers in the text are written in black. Section numbers in the data sheet are written in red.

  • Read Chapter 1 in text; specifically:
    Section 1.2.3
    Section 1.4
    Section 1.5
    Section 1.6
    Section 1.9 (addressing modes)
  • install software on home system
  • Correct errors in Huang text

Jan. 8  
Lecture: Lecture:

Jan. 15  
Lecture: Lecture:
  • Read Chapter 8 text sections:

Jan. 22  


Lecture: Lecture:
  • ALC exercise?
  • ??
  • Read Chapters 6 and 8 (and 7.4.2) in text

Jan. 30  


Lecture: Lecture:
  • ??
  • ALC exercise?
  • Read Chapter 7 section 7.7 in text

Feb. 5  
Lecture: Lecture:

Feb. 12  


Lecture: Lecture:
  • Read Chapter 12 in text


Feb. 26  
Lecture: Lecture:
  • ??
  • ALC exercise?

Mar. 5  
  • project

  Mar. 12
  • project
  • project

  Mar. 19
  • project
    course evaluation in lab March 21
  • project

  Mar. 26
  • Project Demonstration - March 31?
  • project & demonstration

Apr. 2
Last day of classes
  • ?
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