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PC221 Analog Electronics Lab

This page is being updated for Winter 2015.

This is the Physics 221 Lab page, created and updated by Terry Sturtevant .
Page last updated Tuesday October 28, 2014
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Evaluation Methods

Course Material

Week of ... Lab Reference Material
[ white background indicates required reading;
gray background indicates optional reading]

DC measurements
Introduction to analog simulation (ie. SPICE analysis)

Jan. 5

Some of this week's material should be familiar from PC/CP200.

Bench supplies in N2083

Breadboards [screencast of PDF]

Kirchhoff's laws [WLU February 16, 2010 ] w
Kirchhoff's laws example [WLU March 14, 2012 ]
Oscilloscope operation [WLU October 11, 2012 ]
LTspice tutorial (includes links to lots of other resources) [WLU 2008]
GREAT electricity animations! (includes examples) [Arizona State University 2002]
Kirchhoff's voltage law animation
Kirchhoff's current law animation

Current measurement

Kirchhoff's Law analysis using Maple

Operating point analysis in LTspice - Part I

Operating point analysis in LTspice - Part II

Operating Point Analysis in CircuitLab

LTspice introduction video [WMV; Grand Valley State University]
Introduction to SwitcherCAD (another name for LTspice);
includes parametric and text commands, file descriptions [PDF; Petr Kropik]
LTspice introductory manual (adding components) [PDF; Aalborg University, October 2005]
SPICE overview (lots of detail) [University of Pennsylvania]
SWCADIII (Another LTspice tutorial) (very detailed) [PDF; Aalborg University]

AC and DC measurements with a digital meter
AC and DC settings on the oscilloscope
Amplitude and DC offset settings on the function generator
SPICE analysis (transient)

Jan. 12 Function generator operation [WLU October 11, 2012 ]
Intro to LTspice (lots of screen shots) [PDF; South Dakota School of Mines and Technology]
RMS voltage animation
RMS voltage explanation [University of New Brunswick]

Sketching AC waveforms [WLU April 19, 2011 ]

DC and AC voltage measurements with a digital multimeter - Version A

DC and AC voltage measurements with a digital multimeter - Version B

DC and AC voltage measurements with an oscilloscope

RMS voltages

Use of a function generator - Part I

Use of a function generator - Part II

AC and DC circuit analysis

Transient analysis in LTspice

Trace manipulation in LTspice - Part A

Trace manipulation in LTspice - Part B

Transient (i.e. Time Domain) Analysis in CircuitLab
Superposition Theorem [All About Circuits]

Jan. 19 Electrical Circuits Review [pdf 18pp; B. M. Fleischer] - sections B.1 and B.2.1 

Lab test: Converting measurements
Jan. 26
  • Lab Test 1: Converting measurements.
    You'll be given measurements from a digital multimeter, and have to sketch the corresponding scope trace, and use a scope trace to predict the corresponding digital multimeter readings.
    Test 1 marking checklist   [ November 25, 2013  ]

Meauring capacitance
SPICE analysis (ac; phase and magnitude)

Feb. 2 Identifying Capacitor Polarity  [ February 4, 2013 ]

Identifying Capacitor Polarity [screencast of PDF]

Resistance, Capacitance, and Inductance Measurements with Digital Meters

AC analysis in LTspice
Charging and Discharging A Capacitor [© 1995-2003 M. W. Davidson and The Florida State University]

How Capacitors Work [© 1998 - 2003 HowStuffWorks, Inc.]

Meauring inductance
Resonant circuits

Feb. 9 tenma meter
TENMA meter manual (including inductance measurement on p. 17)   [ March 1, 2012 ]

MAKE Presents: The Inductor

Feb. 16 Reading Week - no lab  

Lab test
Feb. 23

IV curves using scope and DC supply
SPICE analysis (DC sweep and adding models)

March 2 Adding a model in LTspice

DC sweeps in LTspice
LTspice SPICE models video [WMV; Grand Valley State University]
Physics of a Diode
[©2003 Marvin Casanova ]
MAKE Presents: The Diode

Video project Phase I
March 9
  • Video project Phase I
Video project introduction [ November 20, 2013 ]
Video project marking [ November 20, 2013 ]

Zener diodes
March 16
LTspice SPICE models video [WMV; Grand Valley State University]

Exporting LTspice Data

Transient Analysis in LTspice (preliminary)

Exporting CircuitLab Data

Video project Phase II
March 23
  • Video project Phase II
2N3904 datasheet [© Fairchild Semiconductor]

March 30
  • Continuing analysis
  • Lab evaluation


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