PC221 Analog Electronics I Lab; LC Circuits


  1. Hand in
    • your schematics for the DC and AC circuits
    • your equations for the DC and AC voltages across RL
    • your Bode plot and sketches from measurements
    • your AC analysis trace from the simulation
    Remember that in order to comapre graphs and/or sketches, they need to be on the same horizontal and vertical scales.

    Be sure to include your various values for the resonant frequency. Was the ratio of VL/V a maximum or a minimum at the resonant frequency? Was this as expected?

    In theory, your resonant frequency should be given by
    0)2 = 1/(L C)
    Was this true in your case? (Remember the relationship between ω and f.)
    How could you determine an unknown inductance in a circuit like this if you knew all of the other values?

    Comment on any similarities or differences between the various results.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the filters you've looked at; i.e. RC and LC?

  2. Submit to the lab instructor by next week's lab.


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