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Course Material

Week of ... Lab / Lecture Reference Material
[white background indicates required reading;
gray background indicates optional reading]

Sept. 7
  1. About this course [HTML]
  2. Course Introduction: What's the purpose of PC/CP300? [PDF]   [ August 27, 2014 ]
  3. Data Acquisition and Control Systems [GIF]
  4. Operational Amplifier Basics [PDF]   [ September 3, 2014 ]

    Rails of an operational amplifier [video]
    op amp rails
  5. Operational Amplifier Circuits [PDF]   [ September 4, 2014 ]
  6. Neat animations of op amp circuits

Analog computers [video]
analog computers

  Lab bench setup in N2082 [video]
lab bench setup in N2082

Dual DC supplies [video]
dual DC supplies

Four bus breadboards [video]
four bus breadboards
Op Amps for Everyone: Design Reference
[PDF 464pp; Ron Mancini,Texas Instruments, Aug. 2002]
Resistors [from PC200]
Resistor colour code: 4, 5, 6 band
[JPG; T. May, University of Colorado]
Text: Appendix A Op amp Basics

Op amp tutorial [video]
op amp tutorial

Op amps compared (including open collector) [video]
op amps compared (including open collector)

Sept. 14
  1. Operational Amplifier Dynamic Response [PDF]   [ September 4, 2014 ]
  2. Sketching amplifier output [PDF]   [ September 17, 2013 ]
  3. Negative Feedback in Operational Amplifiers [PDF]   [ July 29, 2013 ]
  4. 5 minute quiz [opamp - sample]

Understanding and Interpreting Standard-Logic Data Sheets
[PDF 68pp, S. M. Nolan and J. M. Soltero, Texas Instruments, May 2003]
Low pass filter operation [video]
low pass filter operation

Sept. 21
  1. Go over previous quiz
  2. Inductive Output Transducers [PDF]   [ June 9, 2014 ]

    Induced EMF demo from MIT [video]
    induced EMF demo from MIT

    Induced EMF in a motor [video]
    induced EMF in a motor

    What is a solenoid valve? [video]
    solenoid valve

    How do servos work? [video]
    how servos work

  3. 5 minute quiz [op amps]

Applications: Starter Motor [V. Samarin, 2005]

Text: Ch 6 Solenoids, Relays, and Other Analog Outputs
Text: Ch 7 Motors
Solenoid Catalog [ © 1999, 2000 Magnetic Sensor Systems ]


Stepper, servo, DC motor control [video]
stepper, servo, DC motor control

Sept. 28
  1. Go over previous quiz
  2. Resistive Sensors and Signal Conditioning [PDF]   [ April 23, 2012 ]
  3. Wheatstone bridge animation

  4. 5 minute quiz [opamp and/or inductive transducer - sample ]

electricity humour
Application: Medical Sensor [National Semiconductor, 2005]

  Sensors and Signal Conditioning Overview  [ May 12, 2017 ]
Text: Ch 3 Sensors
- read the resistive sensor sections: (1) Thermistors, (2) RTDs, (3) Strain Gauges; note the use of voltage-dividers, Wheatstone bridges and op-amps

Oct. 5
  1. Go over previous quiz
  2. Controlling Output Transducers [PDF]   [ October 19, 2012 ]
  3. Optical Isolation [PDF]   [ October 9, 2015 ]
  4. 5 minute quiz [resistive sensor and/or zener diode - sample]


Optoisolator simulation [video]
optoisolator simulation

Text: Ch 11 Analog Toolbox - AC Control section (only in 2nd edition)
SSRs Technical Information [PDF 8pp; © Copyright Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.]
Solid State Relays [PDF 5pp; Vishay, 2001]
Text: Ch 3 Sensors - Optical Isolators

Analog Optical Isolators VACTROLS® [©1998-2004. PerkinElmer, Inc.]


Oct. 12 READING WEEK - No labs or lecture

Oct. 19
  1. Go over previous quiz
  2. Signal Conditioning [PDF]   [ October 9, 2012 ]
  3. Review: Reading data sheets   [ May 12, 2017 ]
  4. 5 minute quiz

Application: US Patent 4245309
Microprocessor based control circuit for washing appliances with diagnostic system

Text: Ch 6 Solenoids, Relays, and Other Analog Outputs - relays, optoisolators, analog switches
Text: Ch 3 Sensors - Optical Isolators
Text: Ch 11 Analog Toolbox - MOSFETs

MOSFET tutorial [video]
MOSFET tutorial

Transistor as a switch [video]
transistor as a switch

Oct. 26
Lecture :
  1. Go over previous quiz
  2. Other Sensors [PDF]   [ November 1, 2011 ]
  3. Project Introduction [PDF]   [ October 30, 2014 ]
  4. Project components - voltage regulators

    voltage regulators

Applications: Blood Analyzer, Slot Machine [National Semiconductor, 2005]


A/D converter simulation [video]
A/D converter simulation

Ch 2 Digital-to-Analog Converters, 1st ed
Ch 2 Analog-to-Digital Converters, 2nd ed
- only the title has been changed; content is essentially the same
ADC and DAC Glossary [HTML; PDF] [Dallas Semiconductor, 2000]

Nov. 2
  1. Go over previous quiz
  2. Analog and Digital Grounds and Decoupling Capacitors [PDF]   [ October 25, 2011 ]
  3. Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Conversion [PDF]   [ October 30, 2012 ]

    A/D converter demonstration [video]
    A/D converter demonstration

  4. Identify decoupling capacitors in circuits
  5. 5 minute quiz



Text: Chapter 3 Sensors - remainder of chapter.
Text: Chapter 4 Time-Based Measurements

Nov. 9
Lecture: - project lab time -
Text: Chapter 8 EMI
Basic Circuits - Bypass Capacitors [K. Ross, Seattle Robotics Society, 1997]
Circuit Integrity - Bypassing [© 2002 Williamson Labs]
Circuit Integrity - Decoupling [© 2001 Williamson Labs]
Friday Nov. 13 by 11:30 a.m. Deliverable: Preliminary version of Design Specification, Block Diagram, and Schedule submitted as hard copy (one per group). Submission should be written up formally; copying rough work from lab notebook not sufficient. Component Inventory
Servo Operation and Calibration
LM7805 Voltage regulator
LM7805 Voltage regulator datasheet (includes TAB package)

Nov. 16
Lecture: - project lab time -
  • Project: Demonstrate one sub-task
  • suggest that you get the motor control working first
Text: Chapter 5 Output Control Methods

Nov. 23
Lecture: - project lab time -
  • Project: Demonstrate two sub-tasks together

Nov. 30
Lecture: - project lab time
Course evaluation

  • Demonstrate all three sub-tasks together

Dec. 7
  project demonstration in lab -- Dec. 8
Deliverable: Demonstrate project prototype
Wednesday Dec. 9 by 4:30pm Deliverable: Project Documentation
(zip and email to course instructor)



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