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Sensor and Actuator Inventory

Classifications based on
Sensor Type Sensor


- sensor based on the variation of the resistance of a device

light-dependent resistors (LDRs)
- photoresistors, photoconductors
  • on left --> hermetic (CdS photoconductive cell in a flat lens package)
  • centre and right --> regular open cell
sample data sheets Perkin Elmer, Silonex
  • potentiometer with a linear or rotary sliding contact
  • joystick - dual potentiometers whose wipers are moved by the X and Y motion of the stick. The joystick connections are shown on the joystick.
  • force sensitive resistors (FSR™ from Interlink: Part No. 400 (0.2” Circle), 402 (0.5” Circle), 406 (1.5” Square), 408 (24” Strip)) - conductive polymer film sensor.  The point at which the force is applied behaves as a virtual pressure sensitive wiper.
strain gages  

thermistors (thermally sensitive resistor)

  • on left --> Thermistor PTC 12V 1 OHM 120C
  • on right --> Disc Type NTC Thermistors 20 Ohm



Electromagnetic Sensors

- sensor based on the variation in a magnetic or electrical field

Hall effect sensor
compass module that combines 2-axis magneto-resistive sensors (I2C) digital compass
Compass Module - HMC6352 datasheet [Honeywell product page]

Self-Generating Sensors/Actuators

- sensor yields an electric signal without requiring any supply. Effect is reversible so that the sensor can be used as an actuator to obtain nonelectric outputs from an electric signal input.

  • piezoelectric sensor - material under strain generates electric polarization
  • piezoelectric actuator - electric voltage applied to the material induces strain
  • Microphone Omnidirectional 6.0X5.0MM -- EM6050P-433 [image, datasheet]
  • Microphone Electret Condenser -44 ± 2 db -- MD9745APZ-F [image, datasheet]
thermoelectric - thermocouples
  • thermocouple (sensor) - one in stock; probably Copper (+) Constantan (-)
  • Peltier Effect Cooler (actuator) - one in stock

Digital and Intelligent

- sensor whose output is digital

position encoders
  • incremental position encoders
  • absolute position encoders
  • DC motor with position encoder
Other Sensing Methods charge-coupled and CMOS image sensors  
fiber optic sensors  
infrared distance measuring sensors ir distance sensor
ultrasonic sensors

ultrasonic distance sensor
DUR5200 Ultrasonic Range Sensor

alternate ultrasonic distance sensor
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Sensor

ultrasonic sensor (analog, UART, PWM)

ultrasonic distance sensor
LV-MaxSonar-EZ0 Ultrasonic Range Sensor

gyro (analog)

single axis gyro
LY530ALH gyro


GPS micro-mini module


RFID reader
RFID reader

RFID tag kit
RFID tags
Note: The code printed on the physical device is not exactly the same as the transponder code (the actual RFID number sent). Printed tag is in decimal and the RFID tag number is in hex. If printed tag is 0003886805 (decimal), convert this number to hex 3B4ED5. The actual RFID number will be something like 05003B4ED5.

light colour sensor (I2C)

light colour sensor
ADJD-S371 light colour sensor

- change in infrared energy generates electric polarization
pyroelectric sensor
DHM5150 Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
Inductive Output Transducers

clock mechanism

DC motor  

servo motor

servo motor
Futaba S3003 specs
stepper motor  
voltage to frequency converter LM331
Uncategorized Miga NanoMuscle Miga NanaoMuscle
NanoMuscle 70 G HS/HE Linear Actuator datasheet
Application note

NanoMuscle information
Piezo Transducer
(with or without added mass)
Piezo transducer
Piezo transducer (added mass)
Piezo transducer datasheet
Technical manual
LED Matrix displays LED matrix
LTP-1415AG Single colour display
LTP-2558A Tri-colour display
Telephone keypad
Top view
matrix keypad (top view)

Bottom view
matrix keypad (bottom view)

Row-Column Layout
matrix keypad layout
4WD Rover
Rover image
4WD Rover
Motor datasheet
L298 H-bridge datasheet
TAOS TSL3301-LF Linear optical sensor array (SPI)
TSL3301-LF image
Elevator models
elevator diagram
[click to enlarge]

elevator diagram
[click to enlarge]

Traffic Light Prototype
traffic light pinout
[click to enlarge]

traffic light photo

Instructions for traffic lights
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