CP480 Wireless Communication and Networks Lab

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Evaluation Methods

Course Material

Week of ... Lab Reference Material
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gray background indicates optional reading]


Sept. 7

Textbook: Appendix 2A Decibels and Signal Strength

Wireless Power Measurements

Sept. 11

Manual for Spectran Meter   [ October 20, 2014  ]

Manual for Agilent Meter   [ October 20, 2014  ]

Textbook: Section 5.1 Antennas

Introduction to Arduino

Sept. 18 Arduino homepage

Pin assignment diagram (png version)

Pin assignment diagram (DIA, i.e. editable version)

LCD-00255 datasheet   [ February 5, 2015 ]

LCD-00255 extended datasheet   [ February 5, 2015 ]

Attenuation of Wireless Signals

Sept. 25 Wi-Fi Wireless Wiki (see section on "Attenuation")

Electromagnetic waves - reflection, refraction, diffraction [Radio-Electronics.com ]

Fast fading

Textbook: Section 2.4 Transmission Media

Wireless Devices with Arduino
Serial Communication-UART [PDF]   [ June 28, 2017 ]

Oct. 2 Index of sensors (including ones used here)
How to Use Bluetooth 4.0 HM10 (Instructables)
Bluetooth LE module (UART)
Bluetooth Mate tranceiver (UART)
Bluetooth Mate page

Bluetooth tranceiver (UART)
bluetooth tranceiver
Bluetooth LE with Arduino and Linux
  [ June 19, 2017 ]

Bluetooth Classic with Arduino and Linux
  [ June 28, 2017 ]


Oct. 9 Reading Week - no lab  

Wireless Power Meter Comparisson

Oct. 16

What the Signal Strength Bars mean in Wireless hardware   [2005]

iPhone exaggerates the signal strength of AT&T's network   [2010]


Oct. 23
  • continuing
325-433MHz transmitter/receiver pair
wireless transmitter/receiver pair
433MHz remote control/receiver pair
remote control
Wireless transceivers (SPI)
Serial Communication-SPI [PDF]   [ June 28, 2017 ]
Serial Communication-I2C [PDF]   [ June 28, 2017 ]
bluetooth tranceiver
Xbee Zigbee wireless module datasheet
Xbee module mechanical specifications
Arduino Xbee shield wireless module schematic

PN532 NFC Arduino library
pn532 NFC module (front)
pn532 NFC module (back)
Fritzing where you can download software to draw wiring diagrams with Arduinos and other components


Oct. 30
  • continuing
Xbee Zigbee wireless module datasheet
Xbee module mechanical specifications
Arduino Xbee shield wireless module schematic


Nov. 6
  • continuing


Nov. 13
  • continuing


Nov. 20
  • Final documentation:
    For your circuit, submit a fritzing connection diagram, your Arduino sketch and a screencast or video showing the devices working with the Arduino. Include documentation of any useful debugging tips, tools, etc. (For instance, for Bluetooth, discuss master/slave issues, talking to phones, etc.)


Nov. 27
  • Final demonstration
  • Lab evaluation


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