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CP480 Wireless Communication and Networks Laboratory

Arduino Introduction and Linksprite LCD shield


The Arduino platform was designed to simplify electronics for beginners. We'll use it for later labs, so this exercise will get you familiar with the device and the development system.


  1. To become familiar with the Arduino platform.
  2. To produce output to an LCD display.




  1. Don't attach the shield yet!
    Set up the arduino with the software, and test the setup by using the sample Blink sketch.
    Demonstrate the program working.

  2. Disconnect the Arduino from the USB cable and attach the LCD shield.
  3. Reconnect the USB cable
  4. Create a new sketch using the sample code provided.
    Demonstrate the program working.

  5. Pin D10 is used by the shield to control the backlight. Connect the pin to GROUND to see the effect.
    Modify your sketch by making pin 10 an output, and when the "Down" key is pressed make it LOW, and when the "UP" key is pressed, make it HIGH. (See the Blink sketch for examples of how to make a pin HIGH or LOW.)
    Demonstrate the program working.

  6. Look at the postlab task, and complete as much of it as possible before you leave the lab.


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