This page is being updated for the week of January 21, 2008.

This week, the people who did the Power Measurement exercise two weeks ago will do OTDR Introduction, and everyone who just started last week will do Bending Loss.


This is the Physics 474 lab page, prepared by Terry Sturtevant.
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Lab Information

Lab Manual PDF lab manual [ April 17, 2015 ]

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Week Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
January 7 Power measurement - -
January 14 Insertion Loss Power measurement Power measurement
January 21 OTDR Introduction Bending Loss Bending Loss
January 28 Fibre couplers OTDR Introduction WDM couplers
February 4 WDM couplers Fibre couplers OTDR Introduction
February 11 Optical Isolators WDM couplers Fibre couplers
February 25 - Optical Isolators OTDR network analysis

Reference Material

MT9080 Series ACCESS Master Operation Manual     [ [an error occurred while processing this directive] ]

JDS RM3750B Backreflection/Power Meter

JDS PS3 Polarization Dependent Loss Meter

Agilent 8163A Lightwave Multimeter


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