PC/CP320 Physical Computing

Raspberry Pi Serial Console Wi-Fi


  1. To explain wi-fi use from the command line on the Raspberry Pi




  1. At the command prompt, type wpa_cli
    wpa_cli is a command line interface to the wireless setup.
  2. In the program at the prompt, type identity eduroam your login
    to input your account identity.
  3. In the program at the prompt, type password eduroam your password
    to input your account password. Note that it will be in plain text.
  4. In the program at the prompt, type status
    to see information about the connection.
  5. Once you are connected, type quit
    to exit the program. The connection will remain once it has been established.
  6. You can test it by typing ping www.wlu.ca
    at the command prompt to see that the network is visible.
  7. Downloading using wget

    To download a file from a URL, type wget http://someplace/somefile -O test.txt to copy somefile to test.txt


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