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PC/CP220 Digital Electronics Lab

Project Preparation Part 1 (of 2)


To download and test project circuit using a CPLD with the debugger board.
If that is successful, then wire and test appropriate input and output devices.


If you can verify that your CPLD is working correctly, then you'll be well prepared for wiring up the inputs and outputs, this period or next.

cpld task i/o


You can be more efficient by having one partner test the CPLD with the debugger board while the other partner wires inputs and outputs. This will allow both of you to be productive and save time.

Step 1: Program the CPLD with your completed Phase III circuit.

Step 2: Use the debugger board for inputs and outputs.

Step 3: Test all input combinations to see that your CPLD performs as expected.

Step 4: Once you have verified that the CPLD is correct, if time permits, you can wire up your chosen input and output devices.

If you get your circuit working with your chosen input and output devices before the end of the lab, demonstrate your working prototype to the lab demonstrator.


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