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Bug in Excel 2007 LINEST function

Here is a file with a simple linear least sqares fit data. There are 11 data points, and so using the LINEST function should give 9 degrees of freedom. However, it automatically sets the slope to zero, and gives 10 degrees of freedom. However, if you multiply all of the x values by a fixed amount, you can reach a point where the results will magically have a non-zero slope and 9 degrees of freedom. In my sample spreadsheet below, you should see that if the "multiplier" is 15 or less, the incorrect answer is given, whereas if it's 16 or above, the answer is correct.

The example also shows the work-around for this: multiply your x values by some power of ten which makes the results correct, and then divide the slope and standard error in the slope by the corresponding amount afterwards. I have not submitted a bug report to Microsoft because of their ridiculous rules about submitting bugs:
How to submit a bug report

1.    Point your Web browser to and sign in 
with your Microsoft Passport Network credentials.

5.   Click attach files and use the Browse tool to locate and attach your 
Windows Live OneCare support log and Click Submit. Note that we cannot 
accept bug submissions that don't include a support log.

Since I don't run Windows myself, I don't have either "Passport Network Credentials" or a "Windows Live OneCare support log" (and have no desire to, thanks.)
I guess that keeps the number of bug reports down.......

OpenOffice doesn't have this bug. I set up the spreadsheet myself in OpenOffice and it wasn't until my students started using Excel that the problem came up.


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