For people at Laurier not running Windows and/or not running Outlook on a Mac, it's possible to use email clients like Thunderbird using DavMail, a java-based program which runs as an intermediary between the Exchange server and the email client. I won't go into how to install DavMail or Thunderbird, but here are the settings I used to get things to work here.
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Any time "password" is mentioned, it means your ActiveDirectory password.

Note: For security, I have it set up so I have to type my password each time, but changing that should be just in Thunderbird; DavMail just passes it on from there.

Setting up DavMail

The good news is that I only had a few settings to change. Most were left blank or at the defaults. Here's the Main tab:
main tab settings

Here's the Network tab: (I didn't have to do anything.)
network tab settings

Here's the Encryption tab: (I didn't have to do anything.)
encryption tab settings

Here's the Logging tab: I only added a log file path. Without that it seems to not create any log files at all.
logging tab settings

Here's the Advanced tab: Note the in the default windows domain field.
advanced tab settings

Setting up Thunderbird

Here are the Account settings I used: Normal settings here.
Thunderbird account settings

Here are the Server settings I used:
(The username and password can be "transmitted" insecurely because DavMail and Thunderbird are both running on the same machine, and I'm the only user. Between DavMail and the Exchange server, communication is secure.)
Thunderbird server settings

Here are the SMTP (i.e. outgoing server) settings I used: Note the my username is my complete email address, as for the incoming server settings.
(Thunderbird "sees" the local machine as the server, because DavMail passes everything on to the Exchange server.)
Thunderbird smtp settings
This worked for me as of February 4, 2019.


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