accessin() assigns a data file to an SFR.

accessin(filename,     // filename (String)
         mode,         // data format
         sfr,          // sfr to receive file data
         rewind);      // true => reuse file data after eof

accessin("C:/MyProj/MyData.dat", hex_mode, RXB0D0, true);

This method injects the data in the file to the SFR. The injections occur "on demand". Specifically the injection occurs each time the processor reads the sfr. For example

movf     RXB0D0, W    // execution causes injection of next
                      // file data value to the RXB0D0 register

The filename must have a complete absolute pathname. We hope to have this fixed in a future release.

The mode specifies the format of the data in the file. It can be one of the following values:

binary_mode       // non text numeric data (64 bits per word)
dec_mode          // text dec:  13 156
formatted_mode    // text variable format
                  //            #16#0FE3#
                  //            #10#136#
                  //            B"010011"
                  //            O"70534""
                  //            X"3F5"
hex_mode          // text hex:  064 FE3 

The sfr is just the SFR that will receive the injection values.

rewind if true register injection will start over from the file beginning once all the file data has been consumed.