Release Notes for Third Party Tools for MPLAB® X IDE


October 29, 2013

Table of Contents

1       Third Party Tools Support

2       Web Resources

3       What’s New in 1.95

4       Repairs and Enhancements Made in 1.95

5       Known Problems in 1.95

1      Third Party Tools Support

MPLAB X IDE supports development tools from many different vendors. If you encounter problems using the tools with MPLAB X IDE, see the vendor website for more tool information. Also ensure you have the latest version of the tools and associated MPLAB X IDE plug-ins.

The plug-ins can be downloaded from the plug-in portal using the MPLAB X IDE plug-in manager. See the MPLAB X IDE documentation for how to install a plug-in.

Many third party tools and venders are listed on the Microchip third-party website (see next section). Others include:

·         FreeRTOS™ (
Note: The 8-bit FreeRTOS is not supported by Microchip’s RTOS viewers.

·         MPLAB X IDE supports the following Version Control programs under the Team menu:

·         CVS (

·         Subversion® (

·         Mercurial (

Through the use of external plug-ins, support for the following VC programs may be added:

·         Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe® (

·         MATLAB/Simulink (

·         Gimpel PC-LINT/MISRA (

2      Web Resources

Information on Third Party Development Tools and Design Resources may be found at:

A video that describes how to install and use the CCS compiler plug-in is available here:

3      What’s New in 1.95

·         New webpage for third party tools and resources.

4      Repairs and Enhancements Made in 1.95


5      Known Problems in 1.95