Release Notes for MPLAB IPE
Integrated Programming Environment




October 29, 2013


Table of Contents

1 Device Support

2 Other Support

3 Reference Documents

4 What's New in v1.95

5 Repairs and Enhancements in v1.95

6 Known Problems

7 Important Notes

1           Device Support

Click the link below to see device support for the IPE.

         Device Support List

2      Other Support

See the Readme for MPLAB X IDE.htm for other support information.

3      Reference Documents

The following documents may be found on our website:

         MPLAB X Integrated Programming Environment (IPE)

         Programming Specifications for devices (various DS numbers)

         Development Tools Selector (

On-line help may be found in MPLAB X IDE under Help>Help Contents.

4      What's New in v1.95


5      Repairs and Enhancements in v1.95



Device Affected


The PM3 programmer is not programming the configuration values on the memory device for PIC25xxxxx devices.

PIC25A512, 25LC640


PICkit 3 slow down slider bar is enabled even when not supported under other tools.



Boot Memory cannot be modified when allowing memory to be changed in the GUI.



Saving environment hangs if saving without hex file specified.



Memory tab displays errors when using the manual selection programming range



For the manual firmware upgrade process - Firmware should be downloaded after selecting the firmware and selecting OK. Now, it occurs after selecting the firmware and performing a subsequent operation.



It takes 30 seconds from after you select "Manual Download Firmware" from the "settings" toolbar, before the dialog box appears.



"Fill Memory" with random data creates a hex file that randomizes unimplemented bits.



Tool connection fails if two tools are tried in sequence.



Loading memory for the SST25VF064C takes a long time and does not load past 4MB of memory.



Firmware cannot be downgraded.



Import -> Environment takes 20 seconds to display the "Load Environment" window. The IPE locks up during this time, not indicating it's busy.


6      Known Problems

The following is a list of known problems.

6.1       Issues



Device Affected


Complete GUI should be loaded before it is displayed.



The Programming Executive is being programmed on every programming cycle, causing a longer programming time for programming the same device over again.

dsPIC33EP family


The ICD 3/IPE does not emit any warning if bit 15 of a 14 bit mid-range word is set to a 1



Power provided by Tool checkbox is enabled, but power is not enabled on device when a Connect occurs. The Program or other function must take place before the IPE applies power to the device.

Any device

7      Important Notes

7.1       Switcher Use:

If switching from MPLAB IDE v8.xx, you must use the Switcher to switch the PM3 drivers.

If MPLAB IDE v8.xx or earlier is already installed on your computer, you need to run the Switcher program to switch from MPLAB IDE v8 drivers to MPLAB X IDE drivers, which are installed the first time your switch.

The Switcher program is a GUI application called MPDDSwitch (32-bit OS) or MPDDSwitch64 (64-bit OS). This should be available as the desktop icon MPLAB Driver Switcher.

For more information on the Switcher program, refer to the MPLAB X IDE online help.

7.2       Checksums:

Refer to the MPLAB X IDE readme for any important updates on checksums.

7.3       SST Memory Devices:

SST memory devices with large memories (>1MB) will take time for the hex file image to import. Please allow the time needed for the import to occur.