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CP316: Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing

Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (USART)

These five USART code examples for the PIC18F452 are from Microchip Technology. They can be applied to any PIC18 part, with minor changes. Each file has a brief functional description in the header at the top of the file. They all receive data and transmit the data back, but do so in different ways to demonstrate typical applications of the USART.

Here is a summary of the features for each code example:

Readable Code Code Transmit/Receive Buffering Packet Definition
P18_TIRI P18_TIRI.ASM Use interrupts for transmit and receive Circular buffers Eight bit data
P18_TPRP P18_TPRP.ASM Poll for transmit and receive Simple buffers Eight bit data
P18_TWRP P18_TWRP.ASM Poll to receive, Wait to transmit No buffers Eight bit data
P18_2STP P18_2STP.ASM Poll to receive, Wait to transmit No buffers Eight bit data, Two stop bits
P18_PRTY P18_PRTY.ASM Poll to receive, Wait to transmit No buffers Eight bit data, Even parity bit


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