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CP316: Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing

Introduction to the Development Environment (part 1)


  1. In your lab notebook, summarize the steps required to create a project in the MPLABX IDE.

  2. Work through sections 3.5 Using MPLAB IDE and 3.6 Using the MPLAB SIM in Debugging PIC18 Applications from the text book [Chapter 3; pdf, 36pp, sample chapter from text web site].

    Things to note:
    • Here is a correction:
      3.6.6 Tracing Code
      The text says to go to Debugger/Settings to enable tracing. This no 
      longer exists in MPLAB X.
      To enable tracing:
      go to File / Project Properties
      click Simulator from the left tree
      choose Trace from the Options categories dropdown
      set Data Collection Selection to Instruction Trace
      click Apply, then OK
      go to Window / Debugging / Trace
      run debugger
    • The example uses an older version of the IDE so some of the screen shots will not be identical.
    • The program is poorly written. If the problem is not obvious, put a breakpoint at the last nop and then single step through the code. What is the problem?
    • Huang doesn't use the project wizard when creating projects.
    • Huang introduces some additional debugging techniques.

  3. In your lab notebook, list the specific debugging techniques (e.g. breakpoints) covered in the lab and postlab exercises with a brief description of the technique.

Your lab notebook will be checked for the post lab work at the next lab.

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