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CP316: Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing

Interrupts Prelab

Setup a base program that:

Note: this program has no interrupts and should be a simple reconfiguration of work done in previous labs.


  1. If working in the simulator, an interrupt can be "fired off" using Window | Simulator | Stimulus.

  2. The timer routine presented in class has been modified to protect the critical region from interrupts.
    • Examine how this code (shown below) works.
    • What is the advantage to using this instead of simply clearing/setting GIEL or GIEH?
    • Would time_adj have to be modified to use this code? If yes, what is the adjustment; if no, why not?
    		btfss   INTCON,TMR0IF
    		bra 	ten_ms
    		movff	INTCON,INTCON_copy
    		bcf 	INTCON,GIEH
    		movff	TMR0L,tmr_l
    		movff	TMR0H,tmr_h
    		movlw	low time_adj
    		addwf	tmr_l,F
    		movlw	high time_adj
    		addwfc	tmr_h,F
    		movff	tmr_h,TMR0H
    		movff	tmr_l,TMR0L
    		bcf 	INTCON,TRM0IF
    		movf	INTCON_copy,W
    		andlw	b'10000000'
    		iorwf	INTCON,F
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