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Pushbutton switch

A pushbutton switch is like any other switch; it needs to be used with a resistor to provide input to a logic gate. They are momentary; i.e. they are only connected as long as the button is held down.

pushbutton switch

These switches are handy because the pins will fit in a breadboard.

pushbutton switch

You can use a switch with either a "pull-up" resistor or a "pull-down" resistor, depending on whether you want the signal to be high or low when the button is unpressed.

switch resistor configurations

Here is a switch with a pull-up resistor. (The signal is the yellow wire.):

pushbutton with pullup

Here is a switch with a pull-down resistor. (The signal is the yellow wire.):

pushbutton with pulldown

Note that in each case, the output comes from the place where the resistor and switch connect. ( In other words, from the same row of the breadboard as the resistor.)

Here's a schematic of the connections, which may make it easier to visualize:

pushbutton connection schematic


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